Main handling items

From raw materials to consumer products andeven to recycled goods.

From raw materials to consumer products and even to recycled goods, we are constantly seeking to contribute to society by building a comfortable environment through ways we are most experienced in - distribution. Through distribution, we come into contact with global commodities that enrich our lives and make it convenient and comfortable. Our experience and services are as varied and numerous as the kinds of commodities that we handle. With the expertise in distribution that Sankyo Corporation has cultivated over the years, we are able to present the optimum system solution to our customers.

  • wood
  • Paper pulp
  • Fertilizer / feed
  • Rice and wheat
  • processed food
  • Frozen livestock products / seafood
  • Cereals
  • Machinery
  • Vehicle
  • Mineral stone
  • Metal products
  • Chemical
  • Stone rubber products
  • Chemicals
  • paint
  • Fiber products
  • Housing related materials
  • Miscellaneous goods