Our Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR)

We will strive to do our part in contributing to society and to become a trusted and respected company in the world through our CSR activities. That is to say, we will obey laws and regulations; be a social ethics model; observe international rules; provide safe and high-quality services; build fair and healthy business relationships; observe the region's culture and customs; cooperate in environment preservation activities; offer eco-friendly distribution services and offer a comfortable and safe workplace.


Sankyo Corporation contributes to society, economy, and environment through our highly public activity of intermodal distribution business. To achieve these, we have structured our organization to meet the various compliances; we have established a common procedure to observe the rules and regulations in our group, and have set common behavioral rules for our directors, executives and employees to follow. Our Internal Audit Procedures have been developed to manage risk effectively and also to accomplish our corporate social responsibility.

Environmental Policy

Sankyo Corporation works positively in solving environmental issues in line with our Corporate Philosophy and Management Policy. We undertake the following activities to preserve the environment and to prevent pollution:Observe the laws, regulations, agreements on the environment, and other social requirements. We structure our company organization to firmly execute our environmental policies. In performing harbor transportation and related businesses (including warehouse and tugboat) and in offering various services related to intermodal distribution, we strive to : accomplish safety of work; prevent air and marine pollution; promote conservation of resources and energy; enhance energy efficiency; reduce waste, and promote recycling. By setting environmental goals and objectives and by reviewing them regularly, we continuously implement environmental policies, and constantly update them. Disseminate our environmental policy to all employees through environmental education programs in order to improve their awareness of environmental protection. Put the policy in writing so that it can be disclosed to the public upon request.

Green Management Certification

We strive to contribute to the maintenance of the global environment by offering eco-friendly physical distribution services, and we strive to become a company that is held in high esteem. We have been awarded the Green Management Certification by the Foundation for Promoting Personal Mobility and Ecological Transportation. This award is in recognition of our constant efforts to conduct business in a friendly way to the environment to reduce environmental burden. The emblem of certification signifies our commitment to continue to contribute to the maintenance of the global environment through our distribution services so that we will always be considered an environmentally-friendly company by the society we operate in.

Privacy policy

There may be situations where Sankyo Corporation is required to obtain, use, and manage "Personal Information" * in the course of its ordinary business operations. In such a case, we observe the "Act Concerning Protection of Personal Information” (hereafter, simply referred to as the "Personal Information Protection Law ( Japan)”), and handle such information with utmost care as follows:

* In our definition, "Personal Information" means the information about our customers, vendors and employees of our company by which a specific individual can be identified. Personal information also includes such information that can be easily collated with other information to identify a specific individual. Other terminology used in our Privacy policy is compliant with the "Personal Information Protection Law (Japan)."

1. Handling of personal information

By specifying the purpose of use and within the extent of the purpose of use, we will obtain personal information appropriately. We will use personal information within the extent of the purpose of obtaining this information. We will neither disclose nor present personal information unless we have due causes such as having obtained the individual’s consent or we entrust the handling of personal information to a third party within the extent of the purpose of use or the disclosure and/or presentation of the information is legally requested by the authorities.

2. Purpose of use

Personal information may be used for the purpose of: Performing our obligations as an intermodal distribution service provider which involve communication, coordination, negotiation and transaction with third parties Providing new services and follow-through services to customers. Sending direct mail and E-mail to our prospective customers introducing our services. Obtaining feedback from our customers concerning our services. Payroll accounting and personnel management. Recruiting new employees.

3. Management of Personal Information

When we handle personal information, we designate a management personnel in charge to protect it against loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage.

4. Employee education, etc.

We will educate our employees on the Personal Information Protection Law and Guidelines, and on our related policy, to improve their understanding of protecting confidential personal information.