Meeting ChallengesGlobally and Innovatively

The warm and continuous support, advice and cooperation from our valued account base have always been the cornerstone of our current position in harbor transportation as well as in our global intermodal logistics services ever since the establishment of our company in 1953.
Sankyo Corporation regards the individual as being at the heart of our logistics network, however big our network may become. Each one of our employees develops partnerships and creates relationships with our valued accounts so as to develop a diversified yet integrated and comprehensive logistics network system. The logistics system that starts from one individual is integrated into one "heart-full flow." This is the legacy that we have cultivated over the years since our company's establishment.
In this age where communities, businesses and production are globalizing, customer requirements are changing and ever becoming complex. We strive to meet these constantly changing needs through our efficient service network and innovation We are committed to think globally with and for our valued customers and to always offer a comprehensive, efficient and effective logistics system.
Sankyo Corporation, as an integrated global logistics company, will strive to provide premier, safe and cost-effective services while always being mindful of our environment. We will contribute to the society we operate in, and will conduct business to actively promote the betterment of the global environment. We will continue to meet the global challenges to offer the best in logistics technology to you, our valued customers, now and in the years to come.

              Chairman & Executive Director, Sankyo Corporation
Kozo Fujiki